What kind of a smell does the product generally have?
MrilQ is a range of natural products with no chemical fragrance. Some products might have a light smell of flowers/lemon/cloves (spices), otherwise there is no smell as such.
What is the life of the product in sealed condition?
In sealed condition, itís 12 months.
Can I use other cosmetic products while I am using MrilQ?
For best results you should not be using Synthetic cosmetics as they cause irreparable damage to the skin, but yes you can.
What happens if the product gets into my eyes?
Immediately wash off with water. But you can rest assured that there would not be any side effect as the products are made of edible grains. In case it gets into your eyes, there would be a simple irritation that generally happens when an external object gets into your eyes.
Are the products safe for children?
Absolutely, MrilQ products are safe enough to be applied even to a one year old kid.
How do I know what's the exact quantity of the product to be used?
One teaspoonful is generally enough for a normal application, for covering the neck pact, but you can use one more spoonful if needed.
How do I check if I am allergic to a product or not?
MrilQ products are 100% natural, so usually it is not allergic unless you are allergic to the food product itself or have a particular flower allergy.
If I use the Dawn products at Dusk or vice versa, will it have any adverse effects?
We would definitely not advise you to do that! But, in case you do, there would not be any negative effects.
Are the products safe for pregnant women?
Absolutely, the products have no fillers and are purely natural, so MrilQ products can be used even in those special 9 months.

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